A Hero Saves The Day!

It was a day like any other, an ordinary day with a seemingly ordinary routine. But soon something changed. Faint sounds were heard, sounds that begged investigation. As he drew near, the sounds got louder and he recognized them for what they were, cries of desperation and fear. Cries coming from three little kittens trapped in a drainage ditch!
They were tiny, black and white and about two to three weeks old. He knew he had to help them, had to free them or they would die. It took time, but our hero rescued those little kittens. They were in need of tender, constant care so our shelter manager took them home with her that night. The next morning our hero showed up with another surprise, one more tiny kitten found in the same drainage ditch. The siblings had been reunited!
Thanks to our hero and the kind volunteers that cared for them, these adorable little kittens are now about twelve weeks old, have just been spayed/neutered and are ready for adoption.

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