Adoption Success Stories

An animals’ capacity to love never ceases to amaze us. Despite what they have been through, they are still willing to open their hearts and trust again.

Noel was adopted by Jenn, our volunteer and her husband Sam.  They recently lost one of their dogs and when Jenn first saw Noel she was anxious to have her husband stop by the shelter and meet her.  They brought their dog to do a meet and greet with Noel and all went well.  So, our sweet Noel has spent her first Christmas with her new family.  Noel, who is now, Lilly is pictured with Jenn and her stepdaughter.

Comet, who is now known as Jaxson has been adopted by a wonderful women who has only lived in Florida for six months.  However, she is planning on visiting family and friends and has already purchased a carrier for Comet/Jaxson so  she can take  him on the airplane with her.  Comet now lives in a very dog friendly community in Bradenton.

Our little Christmas “Cookie” (now named Lucy) found an amazing home this holiday season.  When Niccole first saw Lucy, she fell in love and felt that Lucy would make an excellent addition to their family. Her husband and son adore Lucy… and shy Kiki has a wonderful new sister to sleep and play with. One picture shows the two pups tired from all the holiday celebrations! Lucy has the most wonderful life filled with love and fun.  All our love to Lucy and her new family!

We knew Gracie was a princess when we first met her and sure enough, Gracie is now one of the most spoiled dogs in Sarasota.  At least that is what her new dad, Raymond tells us!   Raymond had German Shepards all of his life but thought he would like more of a lap dog now. Lapdog? Well our Gracie totally fit the bill! They were destined to find each other!

One of our amazing volunteers decided to work a few hours on New Years Eve and we are SOOOO happy that she did!   Two of our “long term” kitties – Josie and Jasper closed our 2016 with a trip to their forever home – TOGETHER!!!

This adorable couple stopped in and went in to meet our sweet kitties. Two cat carriers came out and Josie and Jasper hopped right in! (…We suspect they learned the “2 cats are better than 1 routine” from Crinkle and Robin a few weeks back…). So off they went to a new home just in time to ring in 2017!  Hugs and kisses to these two and their new Mom and Dad! XOXO… And thank you Chris for being there yesterday to make this match!!

What a wonderful day is today.  Our prayers have been answered. Both Crinkle & Robin were adopted today & went to the same house.  The house consists of 6 rooms & a lanai!!!  Watch out anoles, here they come…….! Fun, fun, fun. Both of these cats have been at the shelter since May 2015!!!!!!  I never thought they’d find a furever home, but today they did!  What a wonderful Christmas for these two cats & for all of us.  Thank you Wendy & we wish you the very merriest of Christmas!!

Our little rascal Toby got his fur-ever home today! Jeff saw Toby’s picture on our website and couldn’t get over that adorable face so he came in to see him. That sealed the deal but Jeff  had to wait patiently for Toby to get rid of his kennel cough. He even came to visit him.  We wish Toby and Jeff much happiness!



Hayden and his mother Lorraine came into the shelter to see Milo.  They had previously had a border collie and wanted another.  Milo immediately took to Hayden so we scheduled a meet and greet with Kia, Lorraine’s dog, who Milo will be spending time with.  After a bit of “getting to know you” they were zipping around the back yard chasing one another!! Hayden also likes to run so Milo will be getting all the exercise he needs. So glad Milo found his furever home just in time for Christmas!! One look at this picture says it all! 
Our sweet Nick was a charmer at the Jingle Paws Jubilee.  We had a chance to see how wonderful he was around children.  When Johnathan, Jennifer and their beautiful little daughter stopped in to look for a dog to join their family, we introduced them to Nick.  They decided to come in the next day to spend time with Nick and ensure that adopting him it was the right decision for their family.   Nick is going to have a fantastic Christmas this year with a beautiful family.  Nothing but joy was happening today when Nick played in this new home, with his new ball, on his new big bed.  Here’s wishing them years of fun and love together.

Our very handsome Smokey Joe was adopted on Saturday  by a very nice couple.  The minute his new Mom picked him up for the picture, he started to purr like crazy & just stayed in her arms.

Jolly was a star at the Jingle Paws Jubilee.  Layla & Claudia saw Jolly and immediately fell in love.  They wanted to add to their family and felt Jolly would be a perfect little brother to Cody and Scooter.  We did a meet and greet the next day and all the pups got along.  Jolly even looks like a puppy version of Cody.  Jolly – now named Ringo – has a beautiful forever home in St. Pete with a big fenced yard to run and play.  It’s a perfect way to celebrate the holidays.


Shadow has been adopted by Roger and his wife, Sam.  Roger saw Shadow at Putts for Mutts and sent a picture to Sam.  They both fell in love with him and were anxious to introduce him too their dachshund, Dachs, who is 14 years old.  The two dogs got along quite well despite the difference in their ages.  Shadow now lives with his new family in Palmer Ranch with a beautiful, pool and lanai.


The Higgins’ have had a number of dogs over the years and recently added Oliver to their pack.  Now living in North Port, Oliver has a new brother and sister who were very anxious to meet him.  Oliver was so content with his new family and will love his fenced yard and new play mates.


Our most handsome Charlie was the star of Putts Fore Mutts in early November.  He rode along in the golf cart and got pictures with all of the golfers.  He was such a good boy.  Then he came to the dinner and was spotted by Kathleen, who was involved in the co-event, Racquets for Rescues.   She was so impressed with Charlie.  Even though the timing wasn’t great for them, she brought her husband John in to meet Charlie.  We did a successful meet and greet with their other pups – two older Lhasa Apsos and their wonderful large dog, Yogi.  Charlie got his first view of his new, incredible home on 6.5 acres – 3 of which are defined with an electric fence and the equivalent of a dog wonderland.  There is so much for a large, playful dog to love.  He also has a human brother that comes to visit.  He loves his new family.  They invested in a rapid training effort to ensure that Charlie could integrate successfully into the family and their environment , like a new family of ducks in one of their many ponds, and learn the electric fence parameters.  He and his new family have done fantastic.  This is truly a happily ever after.  Let’s wish them all the very best.

Brian and Kristi came to BurgerFi for dinner Friday night.  Rebekah and team were there with a few of our pups, at a fundraiser.  And then Brian and Kristi saw Kami and their hearts were captured.  Kami immediately took to Brian, who really prefers larger dogs.  But by the end of their dinner, they took an adoption application home.  They were at the door the next morning for the rest of the extended family to meet Kami.  After checking great references, Kami got to see her new forever home with Brian.  She was absolutely thrilled to play with her new toys and finally made it up on the couch, after a few tries. This is a wonderful home for Kami and we wish them the very best!


Brantley (now named Cafe’) has a wonderful new forever home.  Café means coffee in Costa Rica, which is a perfect name given his coloring.  12 year old Marissa loves dogs and finally has one to call her very own.  They came in to see Brantley and Marissa fell in love.  This is the first dog for the family, so it’s a fun new adventure.  Cafe’ is doing great.  He spent his first night sleeping with Marissa and is just so happy.  Let’s wish Cafe’ and his beautiful family all the best.


Our fun loving handsome boy has found the perfect home for him.  Heather decided that this was the time to adopt a dog.  She has a cat, but she really wanted a pup too.  Frankie (now Dobby) was the pup for her.  It really is perfect.  Heather has a new townhome with a huge green space right outside the front door and lots of great walking space.  Dobby also has lots of windows to look out of to watch the world go by.  When we got to his new home, his Mom started to bring out the new toys.  He was beside himself.  He took each one into the living room and started piling them up. Frankie/Dobby is just so incredibly happy!  Oh – and note the Bowtie! Dobby can choose from a red bowtie or striped tie.  Bottom line – I don’t think that Dobby will have a single need unmet!  Let’s wish them all the very best – with tons of love and fun.

Leah now lives on a 10 acre farm with her brother, Jake and three horses  Karen and Michael saw her online and knew they could provide all the exercise and attention she needs. Leah and Jake started playing immediately and after awhile Leah was actually laying down quietly!   Leah’s new home is in a very rural area.  You have to go down a dirt road to reach the farm.  So she will have all the room she needs to play.


Phelps had to be returned because of a family situation.  But it didn’t take long and we had three applications for him.  He is now living in a condo with Inez and David but will be moving to their new home next week.  Inez is home most of the time so Phelps won’t be alone often and will be getting all the love and care he deserves.  they will probably rename him but didn’t have a name in mind when they picked him up at the shelter.


Our lovely Priscilla was adopted yesterday by a wonderful couple. She has a brand new pink bed, pink toys & a wonderful home!

p1290159-2 p1290160

Sweet little Lilly has a wonderful new home. Jane and her daughter Judy are long time volunteers who care for our cats, until they find their forever home.  Jane adopted a beautiful 13 year old Shih Tzu named Susie almost 4 years ago.  Susie had a wonderful life with Jane, until she recently passed.  Jane noticed our little Lilly when she first came into the shelter very scruffy and in need of our help.  She knew thatLilly would be a perfect little pup to join their family and decided to adopt her and give her a forever home.  Lilly came ‘home’ to everything a puppy needs to be happy…  you can see the stuffed animal and bone toys.  She was having a ball!


Everyone’s favorite hound, Maddie, has found a new home with Marie, who is the Mother of our early morning volunteer, Julia.  Maddie has three new cousins as Julia and her husband, Robert, have three dogs. One who is a graduate of HSLWR.  We did the meet & greet at their home because Marie enjoys spending time at her daughter’s home and wanted to be comfortable that Maddie would fit in with the packEveryone’s favorite hound, Maddie, has found a new home with Marie, who is the Mother of our early morning volunteer, Julia.. Maddie now has a fenced in yard at both homes.  I know Marie was anxious to start pampering Maddie, who keeps her name!



Rhett has found the perfect forever home with Julie and Dane.  Rhett is such a special, loving little guy that just needed a chance.  He didn’t do well in a shelter environment, so wasn’t finding a home.  Our wonderful volunteer, Becky, and her husband took Rhett into their home as a foster to help him feel safe and learn to trust and love.  
Then a very special thing happened.  We took Rhett to the Manatee County Adopt-a-Palooza. We had applications for our other pups, but none for Rhett.  After announcing that we had a sweet pup that needed special attention, Julie came up to meet Rhett.  She and her husband, Dane, have saved other pups in the past and felt they would like to give Rhett a chance.  Rhett is doing great in his new home.  He’s loving his new Mom & Dad and sister pup, Bruiser.  He’s off on his first trip this weekend.  
He’s such a lucky little guy and now has a home and people to give all his love to for the rest of his life.  Let’s wish them all a happily ever after.


Sydney adopted Donald and Julie at Adopt-a-palooza.  They have a very old Chihuahua, a cat and we can’t forget the two fish aquariums.  Donald is confined to a wheelchair and I am told Sydney  sat on his lap for almost an hour at Adopt-a-palooza.  Julie and Donald are a delightful couple and Sydney now has a very large fenced yard and family that will be with her almost all of the time.

Kyra now  lives with John and Cheryl and their Chow mix, Jessie, who was named after Jessie James.  Jessie came from  Native American Reservation and they wanted a name that would reflect the Old West.  However, Jessie is nothing like her namesake!  John and Cheryl came to Adopt-a-palooza and met Kyra. Recently losing their other dog, they were not sure if they and Jesse was ready for another dog.  But Kyra won their hearts and now lives in a beautiful dog friendly community and has a fenced yard that is a gardener’s dream.

P1290149 (3)
Mike and Carol came into the shelter to find a new pup for Mike.  He had recently lost his sweet little dog and felt a loss that Bitsy seems to have filled.  It was so sweet to see them with Bitsy.  Bitsy went to her new home today to meet their incredibly sweet girl, a 12 year old black lab named Onex, and their little guy Chihuahua named Harley.  Both dogs were absolutely the sweetest and after many sniffs, welcomed Bitsy home.  Mike couldn’t wait to get home from work to see his new little girl.  Bitsy is going to have the most wonderful home and fenced yard to play with her new puppy mates.  Let’s wish them all the very best.


Sweetest little Katie made her debut at the Adopt-a-Palooza on Saturday.  Marie moved from MA to Venice this Spring, with her beloved dog Penny and her 12 year old cat.  Unfortunately, Penny had an illness and has recently passed.  Marie had her new home, kitty, and life in Florida, but she missed having a puppy in her life.  She has adopted multiple dogs and cats throughout her life.  Marie contacted us to discuss possible pups and came to the event on Saturday.  She saw Katie absolutely fell in love with her.  Katie now has a beautiful forever home and loving Mom.  Wishing them all the best.


Cash was adopted today & he’ll have a big sister to play with, I hope.  Congratulations Cash, enjoy your new life & I know you’ll be loved!


Rainy was adopted almost immediately when she was released from isolation. Lalanya works for a company that is located near the shelter.  She had seen Rainy being walked and inquired about her. It must have been destiny because Lori told me she had released Rainy and that very noon, Lalanya, her daughter and a friend came to the shelter just to see the dogs.  When I told her Rainy was available for adoption, she spent time with her and filled out the adoption application. Rainy now lives  with Lalanya and her family with a lovely lanai and fenced yard.  She also has a big brother, Beau, who visits frequently with Mariah, Lalayna’ daughter.  Beau, who  outweighs Rainy by quite a few pounds, and Rainy run and play together until they are both exhausted.   Lalanya works in the medical field and would like to train Rainy to be a service dog.  Rainy also will be going to work with her on a regular basis.


P1290144 (3)

Shannon has a wonderful new forever home with Dave and a new playmate – Millie.  Millie has just recently joined Dave’s life.  She needed a home and Dave opened his heart and home to her. He felt that she would like a playmate, so came in with his good friend, to meet & fall in love with Shannon and confirm that Shannon and Millie got along.  What a great new home for Shannon! She came into the house and immediately found toys and chews.  This is a wonderful, happy forever home for Shannon … she’s a lucky girl! 

P1290139 (2)
Our active, joyful and loving Buddy has found the best forever home, after having to return to our shelter due to his Mom’s illness.   He now has a fun and playful home.  Melissa and Caty recently moved to Florida.  Part of the move was a promise to adopt a dog to join their wonderful family.  When they came into the Humane Society, there was a  special connection.  Since Buddy joined their family, they have started dog training with Cindy Skarda.  They are learning together and doing great.  He’s a very smart pup, according to Melissa.  Let us wish them all a wonderful forever life together.


Carrie came to the HSLWR on Sunday and spent a great deal of time meeting all of our dogs.  But it was Clancy that won her heart.  Carrie has been looking for a dog for a long time and felt she would experience a connection  with the right one.  So, Clancy has a new home in downtown Sarasota in a apartment complex that is very dog friendly.  Carrie works from home so he will have  the attention and love he deserves!  Happy Fourth of July to Clancy and Carrie!

WP_20160626_003 (2)

Our playful and sweet little Malley has a wonderful new forever home just full of fun and love with Valerie & Melissa and all of their other ‘babies’.  Malley fit right in to their home and started exploring and playing – especially with Lorelei, the sweetest bearded collie.  M’elfie, the silky terrier, has someone his size in the house now.  They are joined by 2 cats and large parrot that barks!  It is the most fun environment.  When we came in for the adoption, Malley was fitted with a cute, new harness with ruffles & a big flower..along with a matching collar and leash.  She has found the perfect place to call home.


Our handsome, sweet boy Berry was adopted by Delores and Joe Valari.  Delores saw a picture of Berry in the paper on Saturday morning and knew she had to come meet him. She knew where we were located as their family previously adopted two cats from us about 4yrs ago. They were the last two cats of a litter of five ( called the Jackson Five ha ha!!).
Delores also baby sits for her daughter’s two dogs ( shown in the picture ) so we had to make sure Berry got along with them too.  He now has a big extended family to keep him company!! So happy for Berry who now will be called Bailey.

This adoption was very fulfilling in many ways–not only did Berry get a great home but it’s awesome to know the paper is helping to get our pups adopted! And this was their second adoption from us–nice to know that people came back to our shelter for another animal….


Cute little Stormy was adopted by one of our volunteers, Julie Greenough and her family. Julie and her husband have two other dogs, George, a golden and Brie and beagle.  They all got along great with Stormy and she sure needed some one to play with!!  She found a tennis ball first thing as she came into their home and you could tell she fit right in!! Now their trio is complete, one large, one medium and one small. So happy for the Greenough’s and Stormy who now will be called Bella.


Last month Cecelia had to make the difficult decision to put her longtime companion down due to severe illness.  Her references told me has been lost without her little pup.  So her daughter, Carol and granddaughter, Jackie, came to the shelter to see if we had any small, “older” dogs.  After meeting Shannon and Colin, they decided Colin was the one.  Cecelia did not want to come with them because she was afraid she would adopt all of the dogs!! 
Saturday Cecelia came to meet Colin.  She fell in love and could hardly wait for Sunday to finalize the adoption.
Cecelia had three big bags of toys for her previous dog and agreed to buy only one to get started with Colin.  So Colin went to his new home with a new matching leash and collar designed with dog bones.  I was also assured (by Cecelia and her references} Colin would be getting 6 or 7 walks a day.
Congratulations to Colin and Cecelia on what we hope will be a long and loving relationship.


Sweet little Maggie has found her forever home with a young family with a one year old little girl. Kaila and little Jaylynn came to the shelter to see Maggie and Berry.  Maggie was their first pick and we were able to complete the adoption on Saturday.  Kaila wanted to surprise Jaylynn’s Father with a small dog for Father’s Day.
Jaylynn has been around her Grandmother’s boxer and even though she is just one, she is very comfortable with dogs. When I took her to her new home, she was immediately on the floor playing with Maggie.  Kaila is a “stay at home Mom” so our sweet Maggie will have much attention and much time at the dog park.
Hooray for Maggie!!

P1290086 (2)

Sweet Tyler (now named Porter) has a wonderful new home with Dean & Don – and their cat….which Tyler wants to play with and the cat is still deciding the ground rules.  Dean & Don lost their previous dog of 14 to cancer a year ago.  There are pictures and mementos of their lost dog around their home.  This was obviously a very loved member of their family.  Having recently moving to Florida and purchasing a home, they decided that it was time to get a new pup.  After seeing and playing with Tyler, they knew that he was the right dog for them.  Dean works from home, so Tyler will never have to be alone.  Tyler is a very lucky little guy to become a member of this loving home.   We wish them all the very best!  


Leasha and her husband came into the shelter looking for a small dog. They fell in love with Tina–(of course we all did) and they immediately wanted to adopt her.  They live in Canada and have three other dogs- Duke, Tiko, and Sidney. They shared pictures of their dogs with Chris Legge and both she and I agreed they were great people.  They even brought their mother and father along to share in the adoption process.

So Saturday Tina was off for her first plane ride to Canada!!! Leasha has promised to send pictures of all the dogs together–can’t wait to see the whole group.  Duke is 21 years old so they must take good care of their pets.


Here is our sweet April with her new “mom”, Judy.  Several months ago, Judy lost her Jack Russell terrier to old age.  Her home has been very lonely and Judy’s daughter wanted to change that for her Mother.  So, after seeing April on our website, she came to the shelter to meet her.  Judy’s daughter fell in love with April and knew her Mother would as well.  As a Mother’s Day gift, her daughter paid the adoption fee for April.  What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!


Our “come-back kid”, Copper has been adopted by a young couple who saw her on the internet.  They lost one of their dogs a few months ago.  Jasmine, the 10 year old spaniel was very depressed after losing her friend.  So we arranged a meet and greet and the two almost seemed disinterested each other.  Janice and her husband were so anxious to get Copper, they drove two cars for the meet and greet.  After so much abuse and neglect, Copper has made a great recovery and has found her new loving home.  Thanks to everyone who assisted Lori in making Copper’s recovery possible.

Last Friday was a very happy day for all of us at HSLWR.  Our long-time resident, Archie, was adopted by one of our new Volunteers, Danny.  Danny recently started volunteering at the shelter and knew Archie would be a perfect match for him.  Danny brings a great deal of experience as he was active in Missouri with different animal advocacy organizations.
 I spoke with Danny on Sunday and he said Archie is doing great.  He sits with Danny on the couch and enjoys sunning himself on the lanai.  It may take a while but we know there is a home for all of our residents and we will not give-up on any of them.   Congratulations to Archie and Danny!


Our fourth adoption of this week is Clancy.  Dylan and Jenny decided they would like to start looking for a small dog.  Dylan works across the street from the shelter so they stopped by last Sunday.  They met Clancy and Jenny said she did not expect to fall in love with the first dog they met.  They took an application and said they wanted to think about adopting Clancy.  By Tuesday, they were sure Clancy was for them.  Barbara is a medical assistant and has 3 day weekends so Clancy will have very little alone time.


What a great week for adoptions!!  Here is Toti with her adopter, Barbara.  Barbara and her family lost their dog of 16 years in October of 2014.  Barbara’s father became ill and they decided to not adopt at that time.  Fortunately he has recovered and they decided it was time for another dog in their family.  Barbara and her Mother came to meet Toti and decided she was the one.  Barbara had bought a pink   collar, harness and leash, all designed by Martha Stewart.  Toti is now Annabella and has a matching  pink identification tag.

P1290082 (2)

Sweet Merry has a wonderful new home with Alexis and her grandparents.  Alexis wanted a puppy to call her own and she fell in love with Merry.  She was looking for a dog that is fun, active and playful and she got that in Merry.  Alexis and Merry are so happy together. Merry has all the toys and things she needs to have a wonderful life – most especially a fun girl to call her own to play with and be so loved.

 P1290080 (2)

Stanley came into the Humane Society with his two daughters to find a dog to be his new companion.  He recently lost his wife and felt this was the time to add a new little being to his life.  This is a very dog friendly family that have been actively involved with dogs their entire lives.  Stanley liked the looks of Shannon and Sharron immediately took to him.  They are doing great together.  Shannon decided Stanley’s bed is better then hers, so now they sleep together.  She’s been getting him up pretty early, but he is enjoying her company.  The daughters go over to visit frequently, so it’s a lot of fun.  We wish them all the very best.  And here’s to the joy of Shannon finding a wonderful forever family.


P1290079 (2)

Grady has a wonderful new home with Brina & Kurtis in Tampa.  Brina & Kurtis just recently got married and decided that it was time to adopt a furbaby.  They puppy sit one of our previous adoptees, Magnum (now named Jackson), for their good friends and just love him.  So when it came time to find their own puppy, they came to the HSLWR.  One look at Grady and it was love at first site for all 3 of them.  Grady never left Brina’s lap, when she came in to complete the adoption.  Grady is going to have a wonderful new life and will no doubt become good buddies with Jackson.



Kelly was very popular after having her picture in the paper and found the perfect fur-ever home with the Radcliffe family!! They came to our shelter and fell in love with her. They have another dog, Mason, and after a Sunday meet and greet we all new it would be a good fit. The Radcliffe’s have a son and Kelly was particularly taken with him–he was waiting for Kelly’s arrival and couldn’t wait to watch a movie with her. Kelly’s new name will be Molly.



Irish was adopted this past Wednesday to a wonderful couple.  They use to have a cat (passed away), a Manx, that would walk on a leash & travel with them everywhere they went.  Picture this, a cat on a leash walking through an airport, (just like a dog)! I wonder if they’ll train Irish to do the same! We wish him the best.



It all began with a visit to our Shelter by Nicole and her Grandmother, Sylvia.  She wanted to see all of our updates from our early days, as the HSLWR.  You see…Nicole is also the Granddaughter of one of our wonderful founders, Fred.  Nicole and Justin are visiting from Illinois and had no intention of falling in love and adding to their family – but that’s just what happened.  Nicole took one look at Flynn and it was all over.  
Flynn (now named Diesel) will be flying to the Chicago area on Monday.  Some new coats & sweaters are in his future.  Wishing him a wonderful life with his new family.
UPDATE: Diesel is loving his new home with his big sister in IL!



Yesterday was a very happy day for Gizmo and all of us that fell in love with him!  Gizmo got to go to his new family in Port Charlotte.  Kristen, Jonathan & their sweet daughter wanted a pup to join their little family.  They had to be careful about allergies for their daughter.  After a couple visits and lots of playing with Gizmo, there was love all around and NO red eyes or allergic reaction.  When Gizmo entered his new home, he immediately went into the kennel to claim it, rolled around in his new bed, checked out the rest of the house and found his forever home.  He was so calm…it’s like he lived there already. After months of dealing with the difficult heartworm treatment & years of previous neglect, he can now celebrate being part of a beautiful, loving family. Let’s wish them all the best.


WP_20160207_009 (2) P1290061 (2)

Sweetest little Millie (now named Bunny) went to her wonderful forever home today. Stefan & Angelia came to the Celebration of Pets Adoption Event looking for a playmate for their handsome pup, Speck.   They had recently lost their other pup, also named Millie.  As Angelia said, “ needless to say, when we saw this Millie, and fell in love, it was meant to be when I heard what her name was..”  They decided that having her keep her name Millie would be too sad, so Stefan has renamed her Bunny, because she’s a snuggle Bunny! The ‘meet & greet’ went so great.  The dogs immediately loved each other.  At their home, the playing, running & kisses never stopped.  It was just too much fun to watch.  


P1290059 (2)

Our handsome, fun loving Baron has just had the most wonderful week of his life!  It all started with Ted & Lynne coming to the Celebration of Pets event and falling in love with Baron…and ended with Baron now living in a beautiful home in Siesta Key.   The day after they met him, they came to the shelter to spend 1.5 hours with him…that was after some serious shopping and filling their car with everything a pup could possibly need.  Once Baron figured out how to go up & down open staircases, it was time for fun and exploring!  He found his beds & bowls – and then the ball.  Total joy!  There was a lot of cuddling & kissing going on too.  Ted mentioned that they really found our shelter to be so nice and clean, with great people.  He gave us a generous donation to help save more precious dogs & cats.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Another adoption story with a happy ending!!
Ted, Amy and there 2 boys came in and fell in love with Doodle!  There small dog had passed away and they were looking for another dog as a companion to their lab Zoe.   Cindy arranged a meet and greet with them and after a little coaxing they became fast friends!!
At their house yesterday it was non-stop action as they raced around the house and backyard. Once Doodle’s feet hit the ground they never stopped!!! Doodle couldn’t have found a better home.
As we were leaving Zoe was trying to coax Doodle into the pool– such a cute picture!!



This beautiful little girl has found the perfect forever home.  Not only do you melt into her unique eyes (that just happen to be the same color as her new Mom’s) , but her sweet disposition made her the perfect dog for Phil & Donna.  They recently lost their beloved pup of 18 years and wanted to adopt a new baby to fill the void in their home and hearts.  Georgia (now named Lily Georgia) found comfort in their arms and loved prancing on a short jog with Donna.  She arrived at her new home with 2 new beds, bowls, toys and absolutely everything a little pup needs – all in pink and purple.  Donna thinks she is such a feminine little pup.



Adorable Emmy has found her furever home with Marta!!  Marta’s friend Mary, a volunteer at the shelter, suggested she come by and see us since her previous dog had passed away. They came to the Celebration of Pets and Marta fell in love with Emmy. Marta was so ready for Emmy with food bowls, toys, treats and a blanket. They are so sweet together!!


Little Carson loves hugs and Courtney is looking forward to giving him a lifetime of love.  Our wonderful volunteer, Beverly, brought her daughter in to meet Carson and it was an immediate connection.  Courtney just lost her 16 year old pup last month, after a long illness.  Her sadness is now replaced with the absolute joy of Carson.  We finished the adoption and off to Miami they went, where Carson will now call his home.  He will have a great forever home with Courtney. 



Congrats to Ellie, she was adopted today by one of our dog volunteers.  Ellie is one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen to date.  I know she’ll have a wonderful home with Sarah.  Wishing you all the best Ellie in your “furever” home.



Our active little Derbie has found the perfect forever home with Kevin, Tim and puppy-sister Willie.  Tim & Kevin have adopted many dogs over the years and have a lot of experience with active little terriers.  Kevin felt it was time to add to their family.  Willie has been their only pup for a while.
She & Derbie play great together.  She’s still adjusting to having to share her Dads.  Derbie’s new beautiful home has a nice fenced yard to run and play, which is perfect for him!  We wish Derbie and his new family a lifetime of happiness.  


P1290024 (2)
Sweet little Nicolas has the most wonderful new forever home with Kimberly, Joe and their 6 month old pup, Wylie.  Kim’s Mom is a volunteer and mentioned Nicolas as a possible pup-brother to Wylie.  They all came down from Tampa and decided Nicolas was perfect.  Joe loves German Sheppard’s and thought Nicolas looked like a miniature version.  They patiently waited for Nicolas to recover from a minor surgery, before he could join their family.
Today was the day for the adoption.  Wylie and Nicolas are already great play buddies.
Nicolas has everything he needs to be comfortable and feel right at home. When I went to leave and give him a final hug, he snuggled into Joe.  No way was he leaving his new home!   Kim & Joe are real dog lovers and have made their apartment very puppy friendly.  Nicolas’ first ‘family’ walk was along Bayshore in Tampa – where he now calls home. Then he took a nap in 1 of his 3 new beds & blankets.  He’s a very lucky pup and we wish this cute little family a lifetime of love.



The great news is that Buddy knows true love and security.  Since Buddy was found and brought to our shelter in August, he has gone from fear and insecurity to a loved dog by our volunteers. The love and training that he has received is also the reason he was adopted by our volunteer Sheryl and her husband, Sonny.  Sheryl took Buddy into her home, over the holidays.  Not only did he receive additional training, but they completely fell in love with him.  They came in yesterday to take him home and give him a forever loving home for the rest of his life.
Turns out that Buddy now has the name Rudy – short for Rudolph.  His nose is a little red and they did fall in love over the holidays.  Note the cute headgear on all 3 of them.  True Joy is in the air and Buddy (Rudy) is such a lucky boy.  There must be a Santa.


Reba 001 Reba 002

Today is a good day.  Reba finally got to go home to her “furever” home today.  She was adopted & the new owner notice two bumps on Reba’s stomach.  She brought the cat in so she could be evaluated & come to find out she had two hernias.  Our vet removed them & as most of you know, she recuperated at the shelter.  She was an excellent patient!  The funny thing is, that when her owner & son came to our shelter they were looking for a dog.  While there, they visited the cats & Reba fell in love with her 8 year old son, curled right up on his lap. Reba was working her magic!  She did a great job & now has a great home!  Way to go Reba!


Cane is such a lucky boy to have found such a great family to call his own.   Jon & Katie felt the time was right to add a dog to their family.  Jon brought the children in twice to meet & play with Cane and ensure it was a good match.  We then made sure Cane was okay with Grandma’s sweet dog, Jake.
Cane now has a great fun & loving home and a big fenced back yard to run and play.  He’s a young dog and really loves having young children as his playmates.  Someone is home during the day, so what could be better.  He’s a very loving dog and he’s in a very loving environment.



Candy was adopted today by Michael. She now has a big fenced in yard out in the country and a big sister Blacky who is 12yrs old. They were very sweet with one another and there was a lot of sniffing going on! Hoorah for Candy!



After a long time, , “Journey”  finally got adopted today by a very nice girl & her boyfriend. He will be renamed “Symba”.  They already have a 14 year old cat  hopefully to play with.  Wishing you all the best “Journey” in the New Year & always! We’ll miss you!



What a wonderful day!  Both brother & sister were adopted today.  They will be living together for the rest of their lives in a wonderful home!  What a great Christmas!



We will always remember little Billy and is ‘baaaaing’.  Not only does Billy make the funniest call, but his is a complete lover…  And that’s what his new Mom, Tambi, found so endearing.  She was looking for a pup that liked to cuddle and Billy is perfect for her.  When we got to Billy’s new home, he has a new bed, box of toys, bowls & even a coat (in case it gets cold). 
Billy is going to have a wonderful new life of love.  Tambi appreciated our efforts at the HSLWR and gave us a donation, along with the adoption fee.



Sweetest little Krissy has a wonderful new home and fun future adventures with Barry.  Barry lost his dog a number of years ago and missed having a dog in his life.  He stopped by to see our pups and saw Krissy being walked, before she was available.  He knew immediately that she was the pup for him.  He waited until she was available and came to formally meet her this week and complete an application.
Krissy now lives in a 4th floor condo, where she has a beautiful view of lakes, a golf course and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Barry recently bought an RV for traveling.  He noticed a little drawer on the floor.  When opening it, he found dog bowls and a light.  It was an omen that this was the right time to adopt.  Barry appreciates what the HSLWR does to save dogs & cats.  He gave us a generous donation, in addition to Krissy’s adoption fee.  The note on the check said it all “For my Baby Girl”. 

Congratulations to Travis! Our long-timer has found a home with a very patient and calm lady from Pennsylvania. Nancy and a friend came to the shelter from Arcadia, but the dogs were all at the Canine Christmas event. She thought she should use the restroom before starting back to Arcadia and just as she was getting ready to leave Travis and the others were returning from the event.  Nancy saw Travis and after meeting him  she knew he was the one for her.  So a quick trip to the restroom provided an opportunity for Travis to be adopted.  He will be wintering    in Florida and will be driving to Pennsylvania for the summer.  Timing is everything!!



Jenny, John and their daughter Emily lost both of their Jack Russel’s over the last 18 months.  Jenny saw Shelby on our website and was very anxious to meet him.  They drove from Naples on Saturday so they could spend some time with him. 
 When I went to get Shelby from Coco’s Room he ran past me and jumped up on the wire crate next to the the dog food storage containers.  He grabbed a purple plush toy and carried it out to meet his new family.  He played and played with the toy and after several walks around the shelter grounds, he had won over their hearts.  Now he is running and playing catch on several acres of property and enjoying the “resort” life in his new country home.



Carlee has a wonderful new home tonight.  Lenore recently moved to Bradenton from Massachusetts and found a great home…then she wanted to fill that home with the fun and love of a little dog.  She found Carlee and couldn’t wait to adopt her.  Carlee walked in the front door and immediately took a tour that brought her to her water bowl, new bed, basket of new toys and kennel.  She was having a ball!  Then found that the back of the chair gave her a perfect look-out to watch activities out front. Carlee is a lover and found a very loving new Mom.  Here’s to Carlee and Lenore having lots of fun and new adventures in their new home.

P1280913 (2)

Joy  has a wonderful new home with Kathy in Cape Coral. Kathy lost her 2 senior pugs in June.  She was totally heartbroken.  She recently decided that it was time to bring a new baby into her life.  She knew she wanted to adopt a rescue dog and started her search.  She found Joy on-line and felt she would be perfect.  Kathy and her friend drove up to meet Joy and it truly was love from both.  After a short walk and time spent together, Joy just settled in Kathy’s arms and knew this was where she belonged.  Kathy had 3 new halters along and Joy went home in a pink halter with a flower on top. 
Joy is bringing great Joy to Kathy and will keep her name and she’s getting a lifetime of love back.  Join us in wishing them the best…



Lola has had a special place in all of our hearts, from the time she came into the shelter.  It’s been a long process for her to heal from her injury, but she was finally able to be adopted.  Tonight she gets to spend her first night in her new forever home with Rebekah, Jeff and their other pups & cats.  Rebekah & Jeff fostered Lola, when she first needed some special treatment.  They fell in love with her and she fit in so well with their other older dogs & cats.  It is such a beautiful home full of love.  Rebekah & Jeff are both very active runners.  Lola is still a puppy and will love being able to get lots of exercise.  She’s a very lucky dog to have such a perfect forever home. 



Winnie was so scared when she first came to the shelter.  In just a few short weeks, she is now happily living with the absolute sweetest couple, Jeff & Savannah.  Jeff & Savannah saw Winnie on-line and came in the shelter yesterday to meet her.  They were so excited to have her join their lives and hoped they would get to adopt her.  They went out last night and bought everything that Winnie could possibly need, including some cute toys & a chew toy.  They noticed that Winnie liked to chew, realizing that she’s only 10 months old.   It didn’t take long before Winnie started spreading around the kisses to Jeff . It was so cute.  She’s a very lucky little puppy and will have a great life.



Remy got to celebrate National Dog Day by finding the perfect forever home with Judy & Bob.  Judy & Bob found us at the Adopt-a-Palazzo event, by completing an application on one of our other pups.   Unfortunately for them, that pup already had another application that worked out.  Although disappointed, Judy asked us to keep an eye out for a sweet, cuddly, smaller dog.  As soon as Remy became available and we got to see him with lots of people at an event, we knew that he would be the perfect dog for them.  They came in to meet Remy and it was absolutely LOVE at first sight.  They already had 2 beds – lots of toys – bowls – and anything else he could need.  This is truly the best home for Remy.  Let’s celebrate his new forever life.




Milo has become a member of the most wonderful family.  Jenny & Jim came to the Adoption Event on Saturday to find a sweet dog to join their family in Lakeland.  Milo caught their eye and it was love from that moment forward.   They spent a lot of time playing and holding Milo and they decided that he was perfect.  Milo will be part of a family with 3 children and Grandma…who will be home with Milo all day.  Jenny & their youngest daughter came down to complete the adoption.  These fashionista’s came in with a really neat leash & collar for him. He will have a lifetime of love and fun, running around a large home and playing in a large fenced yard.  What a lucky little guy.  We’ve all loved him and wish him the life he so deserves.



Piper and his new Mom, Nicole, live in the cutest little cottage with a great fenced yard & garden in downtown Sarasota.  Nicole saw Piper’s picture on our website and came to the shelter to meet him, only to be told that he was at the Adoption Event in Palmetto.  As soon as they saw each other, there was the most wonderful connection.  Nicole works near their cottage, so can walk home throughout the day to play with Piper, until she gets home.  He is such a lucky little guy to have a really special person give him a loving home. 


Dundee2 (2)
This was a really great night for Dundee – but just as great for our long-time volunteer, Beverly.  Beverly has been wanting a pup for years and finally found Dundee (now named Mr. Deeks).  Her husband Ken agreed that Dundee would be a great addition to their family.
From the moment that Dundee entered their home, it was as though he knew that he belonged.  It didn’t take long before he found his new toys, water bowl and bed.  Any time Beverly got up, Dundee was right behind her, with tail wagging.  They have a wonderful connection already.  Beverly’s daily visits may have had something to do with it.  When I left, Dundee‘s toys were with him, in his new bed.  Too cute! 


Rosie 2

Rosie has found the most perfect forever home with Leslie & Bernie.  Rosie is a very happy, joyful dog and has been loved by many – now including her new Mom & Dad.  Leslie and Bernie have always had dogs and recently lost their beloved dog. Their home felt empty, so they came into our shelter and  Rosie captured their hearts.  When we came to Rosie‘s new home and opened the door, she ran to Leslie.  It’s like she knew this was where she belonged.  She quickly checked out each room, found her water…and then found the basket of toys.  She was in her element, playing with all her new toys.  Rosie showed off her training and they were very impressed.  She’s going to have a lot of new adventures, traveling with them in their RV.



Sweet little Ivy found her forever home with a wonderful woman, Marybeth, a few weeks ago.   Marybeth saw Ivy in the newspaper and came to meet her at the shelter.  She and her son fell in love with IvyIvy is so happy living in her new home and the love they have for each other is unbelievable.  They go for walks and Ivy has lots of toys she’s enjoying.  She now has all the love and affection she deserves.  


Sweet Emma went from being abandoned to finding the most wonderful forever home with Laura.  Laura lost her pup a while ago and was looking for a new dog.  She came into the shelter and had a special connection with Emma Emma now has a large fenced yard to run around in and she gets to go on lots of long walks.  Laura mentioned that she’s a little like a teenager now, but is adjusting well and just wants to please.  Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness for Emma.



After one year & two months living at our shelter, Cali was finally adopted today by a wonderful family.  At first they were undecided if they wanted a kitten or Cali.  The son, who is 13, decided kittens always get adopted but not necessary older cats, so lets take Cali!    Cali went in to the cat carrier with no problem, I think she knew she was finally going to her forever home!  Way to go Cali, we’re so happy for you!


Me and Kitten
Our little Becky (Siamese) was adopted by one of our cat volunteers.  What a lucky little kitten considering she was found by a wonderful human, who rescued her from a drain ditch!   You go Miss Becky & thank you Stephanie!


Shamus - Bell & Family

Shamus is one very lucky little guy!  Cindy & Ronnie are good friends of our volunteer, Stephanie.  They recently lost one of their pups and Bell was lonesome.  Cindy came in to find a new addition to their wonderful family of 2 horses, 2 cats – and now 2 dogs.  Apparently this was Shamus‘ first experience with cats.  After a little sniff test, all seemed to be fine.  Bell and Shamus get along great.  They have a huge fenced area to run and play their hearts out – and they did…  It was so rewarding to watch.  Shamus will have a lifetime of love and fun in his new forever home.


wylie2 wylie
Sweetest little Wylie has the most wonderful new home with Mom, Rita, and the most lovable new playmate Trinity.  He has a human sister too, but they haven’t met yet.  Rita originally saw Wylie at Manatee County Animal Services and then found him again with us, when he became available to adopt. Wylie has a nice home and yard to play in.  He’s going to have lots of love and fun in his life.  He’s a lucky and happy little guy.


Venice, FL and the entire United States is Daphne‘s new home.  Her wonderful adopters, Kent and Jona, have an RV and travel during the summer months to visit family and present their ministry at churches around the country.  Daphne has a special seat so she can look out the window and see more of the U. S. than many dogs (and humans).
They were so excited to have Daphne and Jona would hardly let her off her lap. They bought a new bed for Daphne and it has a canopy covering half of the bed.  It didn’t take her long to make herself at home both inside and outside the doggie bed.


Cheryl visited the shelter with three dogs in mind that she had seen on our website.  After meeting Barry it was clear he would be the one.  Cheryl is a Nurse Case Manager and works from home.  She was interested in a lap dog, and Barry demonstrated his interest in sitting next to Cheryl when she was at the shelter.
Once he arrived at his wonderful new home in Palma Sola, he explored and sniffed while we completed the paperwork.   At one point he jumped up on the dining room chair and sat under the table for a better view of his new home.  When we were leaving, he started running around the house realizing he could now stretch his legs and play throughout the entire house.


Niles’s new home is in Venice and he now resides with an active retiree, Dorothy.  Dorothy has a regular walking schedule first thing in the morning and Niles will be accompanying her.  On Sunday morning, Dorothy was waiting at the shelter when we opened.  After meeting several dogs she and Niles seemed to bond and that was it!  Niles made himself at home immediately and calmly sat next to Dorothy while we completed the contract and related paperwork.
Dorothy appreciated all the information and time we spent introducing her to Niles.  She has visited other shelters and thought ours was exceptional!  Thanks Dorothy!



Our spunky little Fraiser has the most loving new Mom, Gail, and a fun new place to call home.  When he walked in the door, he immediately started checking out his surroundings.  He quickly found his new toys & ball and started playing.  Then he found his new water bowl and comfy new bed. 
Gail mentioned that she had to go out for a while last night and he was really good.  He’s snuggling with her and giving her lots of kisses.  When bedtime came, he went right into his new bed.  Gail has wanted a pup to love, for a long time.  She is so happy to have Fraiser in her life.  Fraiser is a lucky puppy.

P1280778 (2) P1280781
Raylon (now named Avery) has joined a great, active family.  Janae and her Mom came in looking for Janae’s own personal dog and met Raylon.  They loved how he looked, his jumping and happy nature. While the family has an absolutely wonderful 16 year old family dog, plus a cat and bird, Janae wanted her own dog.  
Raylon/Avery now has a big beautiful home and lanai to run around.  He met is first bird…in a big, strong cage.  After a lot of investigating and jumping, he’s finally less interested in the bird.  After a day in the house, the cat met him, hissed and headed off.  Avery needs to work on toning it down in the play area with the older dog, but that will come with training.  The great news is he has 2 active girls in the house to play with and the family also has a ranch with horses and a large running area.  This will be a great home for Raylon. We wish him the very best.

Simon is the luckiest pup!  Renee has wanted a dog for a long time, but had to wait until finishing her schooling.  Now was finally the right time to look for her first dog.  Renee & her Mom came in today and absolutely fell in love with Simon…and he fell in love with them too.  We were able to complete the reference checks & home visit today, so Simon got to spend his first night with his forever family.
Simon didn’t know about Renee’s Dad until he came through the door.  Simon, the Guard Dog, didn’t automatically let him in the door.  It took a little warming up, but didn’t take long.  Simon will spend the rest of his life being loved so much – and giving a lot of love.  He just laid on the floor, like he was truly home.

Hank (now named Loki) has a new forever home with Ashley & Matt and their pup Tsuki (Sookie).  Ashley & Matt adopted Tsuki a couple years ago and felt that she needed a playmate.  They just moved to the area 3 months ago and felt this was the right time to add to their family.  They saw Hank on our website and thought he was a cutie.  They came in on Friday to meet him, fall in love, did a meet & greet with Tsuki, and then decided Hank was for them.
Hank now has a big fenced yard to run and play with Tsuki.  She gives him a real run.  Hank was a really good boy in his new home.  Wishing Hank the very best in his new family.