We’ve all experienced defining moments in our lives, times when one little thing changes our course and direction. In this case it was a little dog now named Copper that had such a moment.

Copper was found lying on the side of the road. She was unresponsive and the person who found her wasn’t even sure she was alive! She was severely emaciated, every bone on her tiny little body was visible.


The people who saw her then found it hard to look at her. This kind, Good Samaritan picked her up and took her to the emergency clinic. They determined she weighed 3.5 lbs. and her body temperature was only 96.7 degrees, normal for a dog is 102. Although they treated her for hypothermia, they all feared the worst and doubted she would survive.

At animal services it was decided that if significant improvement didn’t occur in the next short while, she would be euthanized to end her suffering. Our Manager couldn’t let her lie there alone and took her back to our shelter, gave her a bath and a soft blanket. Her hope was that Copper would feel the love and support around her and fight to survive.

That is exactly what happened, little Copper started to improve! Slowly, gradually her strength returned and she started to gain weight. She now weighs 8.2 lbs., has been spayed and is now available for adoption.

Thanks to the kindness of that Good Samaritan, the love given to her by our caring staff and volunteers at the shelter and you, our supporters, Copper and many innocent lives like hers have been and will continue to be saved.


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