The call came in on a warm February afternoon. Manatee County Animal Services had just raided an animal “sanctuary” and needed immediate help. The scene was overwhelming, almost 300 animals had been seized, but one little dapple Dachshund stood out. His eyes were distant and sad. He was obviously afraid and the pads on his little paws were raw from standing for long hours in feces and urine. He could hardly keep his hind end up, atrophy of the muscles was suspected and he had no idea how to walk on a leash. He was older so he was affectionately given the nickname of Grandpa. Lori, our shelter manager remarked that she didn’t think he would be adopted but felt if she left him there he would die and she’d rather have him die in her arms than leave him behind.

And so Grandpa, officially named Winston, started down the road to recovery. He had to learn to trust again and regain his confidence. As time progressed he started eating well and actually came out of his crate although walking was not something he wanted to do. The shelter volunteers were kind and patient and slowly but surely took him on very short walks to strengthen his muscles. 

As time went on, people would come and go but they all seemed to pass him by. Winston would watch his little friends go home with their forever families and was happy for them but sad no one seemed to want him. After nearly ten months of care by our loving volunteers, Winston was taken to the Jingle Paws Jubilee wearing his “adopt me” bandana.


And that’s when it happened…a loving couple with 2 other dachshunds fell in love with him. The best news of all, his new brother and sister were 16 and 14 making “Grandpa” the baby! Winston had finally found his forever home.

Unfortunately, stories like Winston’s are all too common but thanks to your donations and support, tragedy can become triumph! We can’t do it alone, you are the ones that make miracles possible. Please continue to support the shelter and allow us to continue to save lives by making a donation today. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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