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Personal Information
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Family Information
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Are you a full time or part time Florida Resident?:
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Are these hours for court ordered community service?:
What experience do you have with animals?:
Do you have any other animal volunteer experience? If so, where?:
Are you comfortable approaching & handling dogs and cats that you do not know?:
Do you understand that animals may be unpredictable & HSLWR cannot guarantee that a dog or cat won't become aggressive?:
Are you willing to assume the risks involved in working with animals who are sometimes frightened and may become aggressive and bite or scratch you?:
What are you most excited to do at HSLWR?:

What areas are you interested in Volunteering? (Check all that apply)
Kitty Kare (Caring for the cats/kittens. Including feeding, cleaning, and socializing):
Dog Walking:
Adoption Counselors (Working with prospective adopters throughout the adoption process):
Reception Desk at the Adoption Center (Greet the public, answer phones and emails):
Animal Transporter (Ability to use your vehicle and transport animals to and from the Vet):
Adoption Events:
Fundraising/Special Events:
Grant Writing:
Online Resources (Website, Email, FB, Twitter, ETC.):
Written Resources (Newspaper, Newsletter, Ads):
Financial Support (Experience developing and maintaining financial reporting processes and procedures):
IT Expertise & Database Support:
Volunteer Coordination (Organizing and coordinating all volunteer information):