Adoption Updates

A Letter From “Diesel”-
Hi all! It’s me, Diesel (you might remember me as Flynn)! Sorry I haven’t updated you guys on my new life since I was first adopted. We have had a very busy summer and mom started school in August and has been hogging the computer every night! First of all, I have to tell you guys that I have 2 homes! Mom and dad took me to this place called Wisconsin where we have another house! Mom bought me another doggy bed for up there, but silly her because I like the chair by the window better. Dad has a golf cart up there and he took me and my sister Sasha for a ride. She loves her golf cart rides, I thought it was scary! That place was pretty cool, we get to hang out outside a lot and there’s a ton of people that think I’m cute up there! 
I got to hang out a lot outside at home too over the summer. Mom bought me this cool bed that has a canopy on it and when she is in the pool, I’m right in my bed. I went swimming a few times, but I don’t really like it. I’d rather just float on the raft and sunbathe. Sasha and I also got to go to grandmas and play with our friends Urlacher and Rusty quite a bit. Grandma bought me this silly donut to wear because she was afraid I could sneak out of the fence. I do fit through the fence but I only sneak in not out! I think I look very silly, but mom and grandma say I look cute…you guys can judge. I LOVE being outside though so I won’t complain about my donut. All summer I’ve just wanted to lay out in the sun where it is warm. It reminds me of home back in Florida. Mom says not to get used to it because winter is coming…whatever that is. She said I’m probably going to freeze, and is looking for a winter coat for me…I’m scared! I remember when I first came here and it was cold and there was this white stuff on the ground…I hope that’s not what mom is talking about!
I do have to tell you guys some bad news. My sister Sasha crossed over the rainbow bridge 2 weeks ago. Mom and dad found out she had something called Lymphoma a little bit after I came to live with them. She was doing so well but the last month I knew she was getting sicker and always snuggled with her so she wouldn’t feel lonely. I would even bring her my blankie to cuddle with. I miss her very much but mom and dad say she’s not suffering anymore and that she is now my doggie angel. 
I hope all my friends that were at the shelter with me found awesome homes like mine, but if they didn’t please tell them I am still praying for them and I know they will find their forever family! And the same goes for the new animals that are there. Mom and dad talk about going to Florida a lot, so hopefully I can come back and visit everyone soon! Mom just called and said its time to go potty and then go to bed so I have to go for now. I will write you guys again soon! Thank you again for letting mom and dad adopt me!
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Update for “Jackie” (AKA “Bitsy”)
“I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent you pictures of Jackie.  Just to let you know she’s doing wonderful and has become such a wonderful addition to our family.  Here are a few pictures I have taken of her and her siblings!”

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Update For “Winston”-

2.5 years ago, the Before picture was of Lori carrying Winston out of the horrific scene of Napier’s.  He was older; sick; could only walk because his back legs were so atrophied he had to pull himself with his front legs; and didn’t know how to go potty in the grass, because he never got out of his cage.  But he was also so sweet and all the volunteers fell completely in love with him.
Winston was with us for 9 months, before we met the most wonderful person, Debbie,
at an adoption event.  She put him in her arms, and the rest is history.  Now Winston spends his Winters in Sarasota and Summers in Cape Cod.  The first half of his life was so sad, now he is so loved and has the most fantastic life.
His Mom just sent these pics of Winston…  Resting at home, on an adventure to the
Trading Post, and on a walk along the Cape Cod Canal.
Happiness is…