July 22, 2023

Meet Cayenne! Cayenne here is a handsome 4 month old male grey tabby Domestic Shorthair kitten looking for his forever home! This handsome boy is super cuddly and even loves belly rubs! He also enjoys sleeping on his bac, which is a position you will find him in at times. Cayenne can be shy when meeting new people but while in foster he showed his foster family just how affectionate he will be once comfortable in a new environment. He loves cat water fountains, crinkly toys, furry mice, relaxing in the sun, treats (especially squeezable churu tubes), and chasing whatever is at the end of a teaser stick. Cayenne also loves cuddling up to his siblings, as well as rough housing with them. If you're looking for a fun and cuddly kitten, then adorable Cayenne could be the one! His adoption fee is $85.