February 15, 2024

Do you have a heart for the shy dogs? If so, I could be the one for you! My name is Celeste and I am a 23 pound, 1 year old female Welsh Terrier mix looking for my forever home. I am an introvert when first meeting new people and will nip if people are forceful with trying to pet me immediately. My favorite activities include playing with my people, snuggling, getting my butt scratched, and exploring the outside. My friends here at the shelter have said that I will need a special someone to adopt me; someone who understands that it will take some time for me to feel fully comfortable around them. Once I do feel content around you, I will show my goofy personality and will let you give me all the affection possible! I am such a good little girl, however I like to talk back and show my sassy side every once in a while. I'm also full of energy and love to play, which is great because I've been told that I'm a bit chunky. My humans here describe me as beautiful, silly, lively, affectionate, shy, energetic, loyal, and best of all... splendid! I cannot go home with small children at this time because of my potential to nip when scared. I have been tested with other dogs and did well, however I don't seem to be super playful with them. I also do well with cats! Will you be my special person that will welcome me into your loving family? My adoption fee is $250.