July 11, 2023

If you’re reading this post and are looking for a new best friend, then you’re in the right place! Are you interested in a dog that can make time for both work and play? If so, then you are in luck because here we have a 2-year-old male German Shepherd named Delgado looking for his forever home! Delgado was found as a stray in July of 2022 and was unfortunately never claimed by an owner. When Delgado was finally ready to be adopted, he eventually did go home, however due to unfortunate circumstances found himself back at the shelter. After the events that occurred at the home, we as a team decided that Delgado needed special placement to be set up for success. We began working with him and were learning more about him every day. Fast forward to June of 2023 our prayers were answered and the amazing owners of FDF Canine Services agreed to take this sweet boy into their facility for training. At FDF the trainers worked with Delgado on his reactivity and overstimulation. After only a couple weeks, Delgado became a rockstar with his training and learned how to settle, as well as how to be a gentleman in public places. Delgado knows many commands, such as sit, down, paw, heel, wait, out, back up, and leave it. He is very ball motivated, but is also treat motivated during training sessions. Delgado’s favorite game is fetching a ball and he would play all day if he was allowed. This athlete is very fast and agile, so we do believe he’d do well in sports, such as flyball, agility, or even maybe dock diving. Delgado is a dog that will need mental and physical stimulation every day to keep him one happy and healthy pup for the rest of his life. Delgado knows how to heel right by your side when going for walks and does well on his prong collar. He has been in a playgroup with another dog and did great, only we did conclude that he is a dominant dog and likes to hump. Delgado does NOT do well with cats. He likes everyone he meets and has had no issues with people from what we’ve seen, however he CANNOT go to a home with small children, except under special circumstances. He loves toys and getting butt scratches, as well as snuggles! He also enjoys running into the doggy pool with his ball and laying in it on a hot summer day. Delgado does good with baths, nail trims, being brushed, and getting his ears cleaned. In terms of adopting Delgado, we are looking for an adopter who has experience with German Shepherds and that knows how to handle a dog with lots of drive. He will need to go home with someone who has an active lifestyle and whom will continue with his training. Delgado would prefer to have a home with a fenced in yard (but it isn’t required) where he can play ball and maybe even take a dip in the doggy pool. If you’re interested in adopting Delgado, you will need to email with information about your lifestyle and home environment. If you do move further with the process of adoption you will need to meet Delgado at the shelter on multiple visits to make sure it’s the right fit. And lastly, the trainer working with Delgado will provide after adoption support to make sure Delgado is set up for success in his new home. His adoption fee is $250.