March 18, 2021

Sinatra is an around 4 year old Greyhound/Lab mix. He is an amazing athlete who could play ball all day! He runs so fast to catch the tennis ball! He is a snuggler and loves pets and love. He will even talk to you when he is really happy while you are sitting and petting him. Sinatra shows some barrier reactivity at the shelter when it comes to his kennel. When he is outside or in the house here at the shelter he acts great it is just his kennel that he has issues with. But he does great meeting people when outside. Sinatra would do best in a home with no other dogs or children. He seems to be fine around cats. He is a huge love bug he just needs someone willing to take the time to let him trust you and also who will work with him. He needs a house with a fenced in yard so that he has room to run around. One of our staff members has been taking him off the property on outings and he does great and loves to ride in the car! He does not go to the bathroom in his kennel and does great on walks. His adoption fee is $200.