Why we do what we do…

An animals capacity to love never ceases to amaze us. Despite what they have been through, they are still willing to open their hearts and trust again.

This month, one such animal has touched our lives. Raylon came to shelter as a stray. He was found wandering, alone and with a nasty infection. The infection was caused by a collar that had been left on him for several months during his growth stage. Tragically, the collar had become embedded in his neck! It was carefully removed but the wound bled for days. He needed three weeks of antibiotics to treat the infection and will probably always have a scar.

In spite of all of he went through, Raylon is a sweet and happy little man. Even happier now that he has been adopted by a wonderful family!

Your donations make miracles like this happen. Without you, Raylon and so many others like him would have very different lives. 
Thank you for everything you do! 

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